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Which Size of Trampoline Should I Buy for My Home in Sydney?

So you've decided to buy a trampoline for your kids to use at your Sydney home. First off, congratulations! A trampoline is an excellent way to encourage kids to go outside and be active. It's also a lot of fun for users of all ages, so don't be surprised if you end up having a jump or two on the trampoline to 'test it out' after you get everything set up.

Before you can buy your trampoline in Sydney, though, you might be wondering which size of trampoline is right for you. Indeed, trampoline sizes can vary significantly. At Breeze Trampolines, we carry five different trampoline sizes: 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet and 16 feet. These five varieties represent the most common sizes of consumer trampolines available on the market.

A Few Notes on Trampoline Size

It goes without saying that what constitutes the 'right' trampoline size is going to vary from one consumer and one family to the next. There is no one correct answer to 'which size of trampoline is the best,' so don't just by the trampoline that your Sydney neighbour has and call it a day.

Instead, you should start by taking a few key factors into account. Things such as the size of your yard and the age of your kids might affect which trampoline you choose.

Yard Size: When in doubt, measure your yard. At Breeze Trampolines, we usually advise Sydney trampoline shoppers to purchase the largest trampoline that they can fit comfortably in their yard. With this tip in mind, take a look at the area of open space in your yard where you are planning to put the trampoline. You need an entirely open space: once erected, all trampolines should have one metre of clearance on all sides. Setting up a trampoline near a tree, pole or fence is a safety hazard. Also, setting up a trampoline with anything underneath it—like a tree stump or a hard, paved surface—can be dangerous. You want to set up the trampoline in an area with soft, open grass. Once you have found a spot in your yard, measure it. The largest trampoline that can fit in that space with one metre of clearance on all sides is the largest trampoline that you can buy.

Your Kids and Their Age: The other factors you should consider have to do with your family specifically. How many kids do you have (or how many will be using the trampoline simultaneously) and how old are they? As children get older, larger trampolines are more suitable. Also, if your kids are going to be inviting friends over to use the trampoline, a larger trampoline will be the safer option.

Buy a Trampoline in Sydney Today, from Breeze Trampolines

Are you shopping for a trampoline in Sydney? If so, we hope you will browse through our selection at Breeze Trampolines. If you have a small yard and a young child, we can provide a high-quality eight-foot trampoline with safety nets and padding. If you have more space and want to maximise your capacity, we can also get you a 16-foot trampoline with the same safety features. Call us on 1300 558 576 if you need additional pointers on choosing the right trampoline size for your family.

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