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The Exercise Benefits of Buying a Trampoline in Brisbane

Jumping up and down or playing games on a trampoline is a lot of fun—so much so that your son or daughter might come home from a friend's house after playing on a trampoline and beg you to buy one for them. However, trampolines aren't just for recreation. On the contrary, trampolines and the form of exercise they support—called rebounding—can provide a near-limitless list of health and fitness benefits. These advantages are ones that your children will reap without even really realising it as they play with their friends on the trampoline. However, they are also advantages that are not limited to any one age. Indeed, even adults can get a fitness boost from spending time on the trampoline. In some ways, trampolines are even more ideal for adult exercise than they are for kids!

Why Playing on a Trampoline Is Good for You

If you are thinking about purchasing a trampoline in Brisbane, then you might already be thinking of the health benefits as one of the primary motivations to do so. In the modern world, it's so easy for kids to get caught up in screens—from the action of a video game to the text messages coming to their phones—that they simply 'forget' to exercise. With so much going on in the virtual world, it can be tough to get your children to go outside and play on a regular basis. As a result, not all kids are getting as much exercise as they need each day.

How much exercise should kids be getting on a daily basis? Experts tend to recommend 60 minutes of physical activity every single day. This level of exercise is more than what adults need and should consist mostly of aerobic physical activity of moderate or vigorous intensity. In other words, unless your child plays a sport or goes for daily runs, there is a good chance that he or she isn't meeting the quota.

Buying a trampoline in Brisbane can help. Jumping on a trampoline—whether the activity consists of leaping around aimlessly or playing games like basketball—gets the blood pumping and increases the heart rate. Playing on a trampoline for an hour makes it easy for kids to get their recommended level of vigorous exercise. Perhaps best of all, trampolines are so fun that your children probably won't even feel like they are exercising. Like the best outdoor games, the exercise comes as a side benefit to the fun.

Why a Brisbane Trampoline Might Be Great for Adults Too

In addition to aerobic cardiovascular exercise, kids who spend time on the trampoline can enjoy muscle development, improved balance and coordination and more. However, one of the best things about bringing a trampoline home might be the exercise that adults can get from it. For adults, trampolines are ideal because they can provide the cardiovascular exercise of running or jogging without the same intensity of impact. Since your feet are hitting the trampoline mat instead of hard concrete or asphalt, your entire body is taking on less impact. In other words, if you are someone who tends to get hip, knee, ankle or leg injuries from running, but wishes to enjoy readily available exercise every day, a trampoline might be the answer.

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