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Your Black Trampoline is Fun for the Entire Family

Choose a black trampoline from an assortment of sizes including 8-, 10-, 12-, 13- and 16-foot. Whatever your garden or yard size, we have a perfect trampoline for you.

Breeze Trampolines wants your fun to feel secure. You can trust that our double-dipped galvanised frames and legs, UV-resistant mats and safety enclosures will keep your kids safe even in more rigorous play. For your added security, we back our structures with a five-year warranty.

A few months back, you were at your wit's end. Between the tablets, the computers and the video games, you felt you were losing your children to screens and technology. When you decided to purchase a black trampoline you had hoped that it would help motivate your children to spend a little more time outdoors, playing with something that didn’t require remote controls or earphones.


You had no idea that your black trampoline would become the heart of your family’s fun and fitness! It is music to your ears when your little ones beg you for ‘just ten more minutes’ of bouncing. You love that they are playing, getting fresh air and all the while safe.

Yes, indeed it’s been great fun watching your children as they’ve played and jumped these past few months. It turns out it’s not just for kids! You and your husband have joined the children on several occasions for some impromptu bouncing. The fact that you feel more fit from all that movement is yet another bonus.

Who knew life after video games would be so fun for everyone!

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