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Wholesale Spring Trampolines Delivered Australia-Wide

 Check out our range of round spring trampolines. All our trampolines are tested to meet international standards in safety, materials and UV stability.  We also stock a full range of spare parts should you ever require them. All our trampolines are backed by a comprehensive warranty program so you can buy with confidence.



When Breeze Trampolines first opened for business four years ago, we did so with a complete commitment to safety. We knew that we were never going to cut any corners regarding quality, and we knew that we wanted families to come to us when searching for safer trampolines in Australia. Today, we believe we are one of the best places online to buy safe, quality assured trampolines. Whether you are looking for an eight-foot trampoline or a product that is twice that size, we have what you need.

Finding Safety Features When Shopping for Trampolines Online

If you are looking to buy a trampoline but don't know where to start concerning features, understanding the safety features of trampolines is a good place to start. Here are a few of the key safety features that you will find in every product at Breeze Trampolines.

  • Safety Netting: When you shop online for a trampoline on the Breeze Trampolines website, you will see that every single one of our trampolines comes with a safety enclosure net. This netting encircles all 360 degrees of the trampoline and is tall enough and strong enough to prevent users from falling off the trampoline. Each safety net features an entry/exit zip and clips shut for added protection.
  • Padding: As you browse for a trampoline online on Breeze Trampolines, you will also notice that each trampoline is encircled by a band of blue, pink or black material. This ring of material isn't there for decoration. Rather, these rings are safety pads, which cover the springs of the trampoline. Falling on the springs of a trampoline can hurt a lot, both because of impact with the hard metal and because it's easy to be pinched. These pads prevent children from touching the springs and being nipped, and also soften the impact of any falls.
  • Ladder: Having an appropriately sized ladder is vital for any trampoline. All trampolines available from Breeze Trampolines come with a ladder, for safe and secure access or exit. Just make sure to pull the ladder away from the trampoline when the trampoline isn't in use, to prevent a child from getting on the trampoline without supervision.
  • An All-in-One Design: Many online trampoline stores in Australia do the majority of their business by offering aftermarket parts and accessories—including enclosures, padding and ladders. At Breeze Trampolines, we do carry spare parts and accessories. However, our focus is on selling full trampolines that have everything you need out of the box. With safety enclosures, spring pads and compatible ladders included with every single trampoline we sell, you won't have to risk using the trampoline without them, or worry about finding those parts later.

Learn More about Breeze Trampolines Today

Do you have any questions about Breeze Trampolines, the products we carry or trampoline safety in general? Browse our trampolines online to find more information about individual products, or give us a call on 1300 558 576 for additional assistance.

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